Why Invest


Why Invest

A Gateway to the GCC
  • A significant global market

    The GCC is an important global market, six economies and 36 million consumers with a GDP of around $1.5tn that places it alongside the world’s top 10 economies.
  • Major investment – with private sector playing an increasingly important role

    More than $2 trillion worth of active projects are in the pipeline across the GCC, according to Meed Projects data – with the private sector increasingly involved through use of structures such as PPP.
  • Major reforms – opening the region to the private sector and foreign investors

    The region is responding to the challenge created by low oil prices through reforms designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of public finances and move away from a dependency on oil as a driver of economic growth.
  • Focused on technology-driven growth

    Potential to leap-frog other markets in technology-driven growth due to lack of legacy issues and support behind development. For example, organisations in the Middle East and Africa are projected to invest $7bn in Internet of Things by the end of the year.
  • Greater economic integration of the GCC – moving towards one market

    Intra-GCC trade has grown 15% per year over the past decade and increasing connectivity within the GCC supported by ongoing investment in infrastructure and increasing coordination of economic policy and alignment of rules and procedures
The GCC Market
    in 2017
    in 2020
Global Oil Reserves
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GCC is home to some of the wealthiest countries in the world
GCC is the centre of global energy
GCC is the logistics, business and travel hub for Asia, Africa and Europe
GCC is home of some of the world’s biggest investment funds
GCC is home to the holiest sites in Islam

Team Bahrain

There is clear interest among investors in the exciting opportunities opening up in the GCC as a consequence of this rapid economic transformation. Bahrain aims to support investors through a cohesive, responsive ‘Team Bahrain’ approach that brings together key players across government and the private sector to unlock the opportunities in the region.

  • The Bahraini government takes a ‘one team’ approach in supporting the growth of new and established investors - responding quickly and in a manner coordinated across government to address issues and enable businesses to open up opportunities.
  • 2017 was a record year in terms of EDB-led inward investment – including major investments from companies such as AWS - with investment driven by opportunities created by the Team Bahrain cross-government approach to reform.
  • Bahrain has allowed 100% foreign ownership for most activities, and is the only GCC state to permit freedom across all sectors and in which the entire country is effectively a free zone.
  • Bahrain has reduced minimum capital requirements, which resulted in lower costs and made it easier to set-up and operate businesses.
  • Bahrain also implemented a number of reforms to support technology-led growth, such as a range of measures to support SMEs, a regulatory sandbox and other measures to develop a regional fintech hub and a cloud first policy to move government data to the cloud
  • Oil & gas
  • Power & water
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport & public works
  • Real estate, tourism & housing
Oil & gas

Bahrain is investing heavily to modernize its energy infrastructure and increase the value added within the Kingdom

  • The Bahrain Petroleum Company, Bapco, is undergoing a modernization programme sponsored by its largest investment ever, $5 billion, to increase refinery competitiveness, improve energy efficiency and meet environmental standards.

  • Bahrain’s Liquefied Natural Gas Import Terminal, funded by a $741 million international bank investment, will be its first to dock, transport and store the energy in its more transportable state.

  • A 350,000-barrels-per-day oil pipeline between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain planned in 2018.

  • The National Oil and Gas Authority signed a five-year $570 million facility to invest in large scale oil and gas projects.

  • Bahraini banks have invested a total of $515 million in exploring deep petroleum gas zones in the Bahrain Oil Field and the Banagas gas company’s 600 million square feet gas-field.

Power & water
Transport & public works
Real estate, tourism & housing