Electricity and Water Authority to Start Operating the Second Phase of Al Dur 2 in June 2020


The Minister of Electricity and Water Authority announced today that the second phase of the Al Dur 2 Independent Water and Power Project will commence operations in early June 2020, in cooperation with the private sector.

The Minister highlighted HM the King and HRH the Prime Minister’s continuous support for the project, which reflects the government’s commitment to delivering comprehensive economic development in line with the principles of Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030.


The Minister went on to underline that under the leadership of HRH the Crown Prince, the Government Executive Committee has been instrumental in the delivery of the project’s second phase, noting that the project represents an important initiative to further strengthen the Kingdom’s energy sector and enhance investment.

The Minister highlighted that the initial phase would have a generation capacity of 800 MW, expanding to a total of 1,500 MW upon completion in June 2022, and a desalination capacity of 25 million gallons per day.

The Minister stated that in 2008 Bahrain's Electricity and Water Authority awarded a $2.2 billion USD contract to a consortium led by Suez Energy International to own and operate the first phase of the project, which produces 1234-megawatts of power within the 48 million gallon per day plant. Furthermore, in February 2012, Mott MacDonald was granted a USD $1 million contract to oversee the technical implementation of the project.

The Minister concluded by highlighting that production capacity after the conclusion of the first phase has reached a total of 3921 MW and 179 million imperial gallons per day, representing a 45.9% uplift in electricity production and a 36.6% increase in water production.

Furthermore, production capacity after the conclusion of the second phase will reach a total of 5421 MW and 229 million imperial gallons per day, representing a 38.2% uplift in current electricity production capacity and a 27.9% increase in current water production capacity.